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Free Hold Harmless Agreement Templates

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Free Hold Harmless Agreement Template 02....

Allow me to share with you these 25 Free Hold Harmless Agreement Templates in MS Word and PDF format to help draft your own Free Hold Harmless Agreement Templates. You can also download our Joint Venture Agreement Templates and Prenuptial Agreement Templates.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations can use Hold Harmless Agreement Templates to create legally binding documents. Such agreements are very easy to use and understand making them the ideal option for most business transactions. Hold Harmless Agreements prevent one party from being financially liable for damages. They may be a result of negligence on the part of the other party. One can write a Hold Harmless Agreement in any format; the most popular formats include MS Word, HTML, and PDF formats.

When to Use a Hold Harmless Agreement?

This agreement form is very important when you want to engage in any business transaction. This form binds the parties that are available in the transaction. They should agree not to hold each other personally or financially liable for damages. You can easily download Hold Harmless Agreement templates from the Internet. You can also acquire hold harmless agreement forms from a printer, attorney, realtor, or lawyer.

For example, a person hires a carpenter to build a shed on their property. Although the contract specified that the worker would be held liable for any damages that resulted from the job. The carpenter puts the ad on a construction bulletin board and does not notify the client of this liability. When a tractor driver loses a load of rice from his load truck. The subcontractor who hired the trucker is held liable for the payment of the lost load. The subcontractor must therefore compensate the tractor driver for this loss. If he did notify the client of his liability, then a hold harmless agreement template could have saved the client money by eliminating the need to compensate the subcontractor for his loss.

Similarly, when a computer programmer creates a program, the agreement between him and the purchaser spells out the responsibilities of both parties for any damages that might result from the software. Even if a hold harmless agreement template is used, the contract could be easily altered by adding the phrase “contingent upon your acceptance” or “these conditions may be modified or amended without prior notice to and at your discretion.” The new terms could easily hold harmless the programmer for damages to a third party that might result from the programmer’s software. The same thing could happen with a contractor and a homeowner who is remodeling a house. The contract might contain a hold harmless agreement template that could be modified by including the words “these conditions may be modified or amended without prior notice to and at the discretion of the Contractor.”

Problems in Hold Harmless Agreement?

One problem that could occur with a hold harmless agreement sample is that it could create a double standard for contractors and homeowners. A contractor who wants to hold harmless his contractor partner from liability for injuries to an individual who may occur during the course of work performed would essentially be putting the contractor himself in a bind. The contractor could end up being liable for the actions of his partner, even though the contractor has had a contractual relationship with the individual in question.

This could open up a can of worms for many contractors. If a contractor were to hold harmless his partner from damages that occurred while the contractor was performing work on the house, then that contractor might have to be monitored and held liable for the actions of his partner even when those actions occurred after the construction contract between the contractor and his partner was executed.

Another problem that may occur with a hold harmless agreement form is that it could be difficult for a homeowner to understand. For example, some may read the document very literally and interpret each word of it literally, assuming that every word in the document is a literal interpretation. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. A contractor who has created a hold harmless agreement may simply be stating that he will not be held liable for any damages that may occur while work is underdone on the house.

How to avoid the problems?

Many hold-harmless agreement templates also include a section stating that the parties are authorized to enter into a contract. Unfortunately, while this may be a wise idea, it does not create any sort of limitation on the contractor’s liability for damages that occur during the construction process. This section is important, as, in some states, contractors are restricted from settling lawsuits before they reach trial. Therefore, the hold harmless agreement template should explicitly state that no contractor is authorized to enter into a contract until the litigation is complete. Including this language will ensure that your contracts are completely enforceable and that you do not become personally liable for damages that occur under the construction contract, while the work is in progress.

Also, there is typically little, if any, protection against implied conditions. In other words, if the construction contract contains an express condition to the effect that damages may occur, such a condition should be stated, in writing, in the contract. Many hold-harmless agreement templates do not address this issue. Therefore, when a contractor is being sued by a third party, he must make sure that he has included in his construction documents a provision stating that he will not be held personally liable for damages that may occur during or after the construction process is complete.

Free Hold Harmless Agreement Templates:

This is a hold harmless agreement for media production. Meanwhile, a media production house can use this template to keep itself secure. This template forms trust between parties. It is very necessary for both parties to read the terms and conditions of this agreement. This template secures one party from damage and loss.

Free Hold Harmless Agreement Template 01....

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Free Hold Harmless Agreement Template 02....

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