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Free Creative Brief Templates

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Allow me to share with you these Free Creative Brief Templates in MS Word and PDF format to help draft your own Free Creative Brief Templates. You can also download our free Likert Scale Template.

One of the greatest problems that I see online is people trying to use creative brief templates to create a high-impact sales page. These are the types of pages where you have your template, copy, and product in one section of the page and have a sales letter heading on another. It’s a very unattractive presentation. Here are some tips to help you avoid this.

Don’t Do It There are a lot of great creative brief templates that you can download for free. You should be able to find them fairly easily. However, you must realize there is no reason for you to use something that other people have created. You know what your page looks like so why modify someone else’s work?

How to Create a Creative Brief?

Artistic Bios:

Make Your Artistic Bios For Each of Your Pages As mentioned earlier, it’s really hard to do creative bios for each of your products or as a teaser for your new product. But you can still make a great first impression. The goal here is to make yourself stand out from the crowd and show your customers that you have taken the time to think about the reader’s personality. I suggest using a short, to-the-point description of yourself. Then, highlight any of your passions or skills that will best serve the reader.


Include a Message Don’t just tell them how your service or product will benefit them. Give them an idea of how it can change their life. Include an offer clearly and concisely. Most short readers won’t bother to read the long description, but they will take time to digest the small details.


Be Unique Make sure that your sales template is different from all others. Don’t just get a template that is probably about three years old. Make sure you get a template that is different and differentiates you from the competition. Create the original style that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Grab the attention:

Be Brief Many online businesses are trying to be more creative than the next guy. That’s why they have creative brief templates available. But be sure that you aren’t wasting your potential clients by using a long and boring story. Remember that you need to keep your potential client’s attention. Don’t bore them or lose their interest too quickly.

Short And Simple Another reason why creative brief templates are so effective is that it’s so easy to write one. Don’t waste your time trying to write a lengthy novel when you can use a quick, brief, and straightforward approach. It’s the brevity that will make it effective. A creative brief will allow you to present your products or services in simple, easily understood language.

Why We Need a Creative Brief?

A creative brief will help you build an image that will help you sell your products. If you’ve ever run into the problem of selling a product or service, then you know what happens. People tend to take in too much information at once. They get overwhelmed with information and end up making poor choices. Because of this, many salespeople find themselves on the losing end of a creative brief. When you use creative brief templates, you’re avoiding this problem and creating the opportunity to turn prospects into customers.

Creative Brief Templates Provide A Plan Of Action When using creative brief templates, you’re able to provide a plan of action for your brief. A well-crafted brief will give your reader a clear direction of what you wish to achieve as well as a timeline of when you hope to achieve that goal. This gives your reader a clear idea of how they should proceed. If you include a timeline in your brief, then people can easily see what you hope to accomplish with the marketing campaign.

Creative Brief Templates Provide An Organized Look Many people struggle with creating an effective brief because it lacks an organized format. Because of this, you may find that your creative brief is full of random ideas that don’t make any sense. With the help of a professional designer, your brief will be designed around the specific needs of your audience. Because your brief will be well-organized, your reader will have an easier time reading it.

By using these templates, your creative brief will be designed in such a way that it will be easy to understand and keep track of. These templates will ensure that your brief provides a structured, informative, and interesting approach to your marketing efforts. It will also ensure that your readers become more engaged with what you have to say.

Free Creative Brief Templates:

Free Creative Brief Template 01....

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Free Creative Brief Template 02....

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