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Allow me to share with you these Free Timesheet Templates in MS Word and PDF format to help draft your own Free Timesheet Templates. You can also download our Sign-Up Sheet and Balance Sheet Templates.

Timesheet templates are ideal for managing employee time within an organization. Each template is printable only for Excel, however, optimized for use with a particular program. If your firm needs a generic timesheet template with all employee data included, this would be a good option. However, if you need to manage different types of data and not just employee data, you may want to consider a custom template. In this case, you can tailor each data entry to meet your specifications. These customized templates can save you the time and hassle of re-entering data.

Benefits of an Electronic Timesheet:

Easy to Read:

For managing payroll, outsourcing company timesheets to third parties can be beneficial. For instance, payroll outsourcing services provide a wealth of information on employee pay, leave details, holidays, sick leave, bonuses, deductions, retirement contributions, and tax data. Depending on the nature of your business and the size of your workforce, timesheets may be paper or digital. Paper forms can become outdated quickly and are difficult to read and understand. Digital timesheets are easy to read, but often lack the customization and flexibility that paper forms do. This is one area where a timesheet software solution could make a huge difference.

Reduces the Human Error:

One major advantage of the use of electronic timesheets is the reduction in human error. Human error is always a possibility when dealing with complex tasks such as timesheets. The introduction of electronic timesheets means you no longer have to rely on clerks and other employees to manually input data into the system. Automated programs such as QuickBooks do most of the work for you. With a simple set of instructions, your computer can automatically enter employee information into the system and save it electronically, allowing you to view all of the details at a glance.

Elimination of Errors due to Mispalcing Data:

Another major advantage is the elimination of errors due to misplacing data. Chances are that you will slip up from time to time, either due to misplacing an item or due to a simple tape job. Electronic timesheets eliminate this and are far more reliable than manually entered timesheets. In addition, if an employee takes off work, you will never know until you check! Timesheet templates allow you to easily check hours worked and then assign these hours to individual employees, or the entire staff as a whole.

Allows you to Track the Time and Materials:

Another great thing about office spreadsheet templates is that they make tracking time and materials much simpler and easier to do. Even if your employees are computer geeks, it is difficult to go through every single document and tab in your staff directory to understand who spent how much time on what.

Manages your Daily Tasks:

You can also create PDF documents from your data using the supplied template. With a click of a button, the PDF files are converted to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and then printed out as a convenient bi-weekly or monthly overview. You can track time spent on all areas of your business at a glance, making it far easier to manage your daily tasks. You can print only necessary reports for the specific period needed and make printouts of important documents a habit.

In some instances, your employees may not be computer savvy and you may find that a manual timesheet template would work better for them. Many office employers have made their versions of office clip timesheet templates which are much more user-friendly than the PDF versions. Office Clip allows you to import information from an external source into your software and can track time spent on specific projects as well as any information on your work hours.

Provides a Comprehensive Overview of Activities:

Timesheet software takes care of this for you by generating a comprehensive overview of each employee’s activities for you. The software displays the details in a table format so that you can easily identify who is whom and how much time was spent on which task or project. You can also get statistics on the number of individual resources used to complete the job so you can determine whether any changes are needed in your workforce.

If you use PDF files on your computer and want to export data to a Word document, then the built-in function of your calendar application will be able to export your data as a PDF or tab file. However, most calendar applications will not export data in this format as a Word document. You may need to add a few fonts and symbols to create a look that is acceptable to your employees.

The PDF files that these programs export are usually password-protected so that your personnel cannot simply open them and read the information contained therein. There are other free timesheet apps available on the internet. The ones listed here are generally regarded as being the best and most reliable.

Free Timesheet Templates:

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